VL3: USB-midi and 5-pin-midi at the same time

  1. #1 by Michele Banfi on 05-30-2018
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    VL3: USB-midi and 5-pin-midi at the same time

    Hi everybody,

    I really love the way VL3 can be used with keyboard via midi for controlling harmony...well done! ;-D

    I control harmonies of my VL3 by means of my keyboard via 5-pin-midi (I am not a guitar player): it works fine.

    I would like to continue doing it, also while VL3Editor (or whatever application) communicates with VL3 via USB-midi, but it seems that:
    VL3 exclusively opens USBMidi or MIDI-5pin-Plug input connection (midi is sent via USB, or midi is sent via midi-5-pin-plug, not both): is that correct?
    If yes, is there no other possibility to perform that "midi merging"?
    Via 5-pin-plug: I should buy a midi merger?
    Via USB: it becomes a problem of the PC app...not yours...the PC app must be able to read a MIDI-USB input (in this case I would connect my keyboard to the PC) and merge it with its own midi traffic

    Thank you and bye bye!
    Michele Banfi
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    Good Question

    Good question I would like to see a follow up response from Team TC helicon
  3. #3 by Spencer Larsen on 06-27-2018
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    Hey Michele,
    Yes you're correct that the VL3 can use either the 5-pin MIDI port or the USB port, and not both simultaneously. At my desk here I have a MIDI merger (the Pocket Merge) which lets me connect a MIDI controller keyboard and the MIDI output from my interface both into the VL3 together. It's unfortunate to have to recommend extra gear to accomplish this, but the way our systems are set up in VL3 doesn't allow USB and 5-pin MIDI to coexist, so this is the next best thing

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  4. #4 by Jeremy Murray-Wakefield on 06-30-2018
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    Alternatively you can feed audio from the keyboard into the VL3 AUX socket and set it up in the preferences to use that input to control harmonies.

    Not quite the same thing of course, but the same net result.

    Jeremy Murray-Wakefield