1. #1 by Arnaud Olivier on 05-29-2018
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    X-TOUCH EXTENDER and xctl for X AIR

    Hi, i have an XAIR 18 and would like to remote it with a CAT5 cable
    As i know, the only way is actually the X-Touch.
    I don't need the time code display, transport keys, jog... i only need faders and mute keys. So for my use, the best candidat would be the X-TOUCH EXTENDER which have ethernet port but not XCTL protocol.

    A nice configuration would be 3x X-TOUCH EXTENDER plugged on router to remote an XR18 : 2 for the 16 inputs and the other for the 8 outputs buses and an ipad for touch screen fonction.

    Does Behringer working on a new firmware to implement XCTL on X-TOUCH EXTENDER ? If so, when will it be release ?
  2. #2 by Kevin Thys on 06-12-2018
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    I also would love to have the X-Touch Extender to control faders on XR hardware.
    The X-Touch is having too much buttons that never will be used.
  3. #3 by Robert Lofgren on 06-12-2018
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    As noted elsewhere in this forum, there are currently no plans to add xctl to the extender. Please add this to the feature request section and hopefully there might be some development on this in the future.

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