Unable to use VL3 with MP76

  1. #1 by Mario Van de Velde on 05-27-2018
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    Unable to use VL3 with MP76

    I bought the MP76 mic to go with my VL3. However, as soon as I plug the mic to the xlr-cable, the VL3-buttons start freaking out randomly, as well as the Lcd-screen on the MP76 keeps flashing on/off.
    I have adjusted the settings in VL3 as stated in the manual, I tried different xlr-cables, I did remove the plastic foil from the VL3, I have the latest firmware of VL3...
    Any advice?
    Thank you in advance,
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    This has happened to me as well and it was my fault. I used the wrong power supply and this caused the exact same issue.

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  3. #3 by Mario Van de Velde on 06-03-2018
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    still struggling

    My power supply is OK. I triple checked everything, nothing works...

    So it must be a problem with either the VL3, or the MP76.

    Is there any way I can check the reliability of the VL3 with some tool/program/...? Only a few days after the first use last year I had to send it to repair after a blue screen freeze. Maybe it's still not working as intended?
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    I have had a flickering LCD display on the MP76, this was down to a faulty ( inexpensive MIC Cable), I changed this and also cleaned the MIC connector on the MP76 and the VL3 with switch cleaner ( do this with power off, it evaporates quickly but better safe than sorry).

    One time I had a faulty USB thumb stick, that caused issues. I didn't diagnose it; just binned it.

    If you have other TC gear, make sure your using the right PSU, the vl3 unit is a higher AMP rating than some of the smaller TCH gear.

    Do you have anything plugged intp the USB or MIDI ports that could be sending spurios midi messages to the VL3?

    I created a utility that checks the system settings of your vl3 wit the factory defaults settings, it may high light something. Bottom of page.


  5. #5 by Mario Van de Velde on 07-10-2018
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    New MP76, same problem...

    Since my last post, I got my hands on a new MP76.
    I have exactly the same problem still.

    I reset the VL3 to factory settings, reapplied updates etc. Nothing changed.

    I ran the VL3 System Checker tool as you suggested me. That came up with nothing peculiar.

    I suppose the only way to go is sending the VL3 and MP76 as a package back to the store so they can look at it?

    It's depressing how much time I've spent into connecting 2 pieces together that were originally made for each other, only to find it still doesn't work.

    If there is anything you can think of for me to try before shipping it, thank you for sharing it with me.

  6. #6 by VoiceLiveEditor on 07-10-2018
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    Hi Mario

    As you have checked the PSU ( Did you have another one to swap with) and also tried another MP-76.

    The only things I can suggest trying before you send it back are.

    Try another New MIC XLR Cable.
    Try cleaning the MIC INPUT port and the MP76 MIC Connector with Switch Cleaner ( with the power turned off). It should evaporate with a minute or two before you try powering up and connecting again. Its possible some dirt/residue could be causing a connection issue.

    This sort of stuff
    Contact Cleaner

  7. #7 by Mario Van de Velde on 07-10-2018
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    I didn't really 'check' the PSU. I only know it is the one belonging to the VL3. I don't have a spare one lying around to test the VL3.

    Is there a way to make sure the PSU is still ok?
  8. #8 by VoiceLiveEditor on 07-10-2018
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    Hi Mario,

    Unfortunately the only way I know of to test a PSU is working properly under load is to use a Bench Load Tester..

    If you could get hold a new PSU for the VoiceLive 3 from your local/national TC-H Spares/Repairs service department, that would be the easiest options; making sure its for the VoiceLive 3 as PSU for othe TCH products are likely to be a much less Power Output.

    It's always good to have a spare PSU anyways, as they can fail at any time like all PSU's.

    You could contact your supplier etc, to see if they are willing to test your complete kit, vl3, mic, cable, psu.. etc and hopefully they will have the necessary kit to do a swap and check on your items until they can work out which item is causing the issue.