What about an EQ section for the Drive/Boost Paralmeters in VL3

  1. #1 by George Haywood on 05-21-2018
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    What about an EQ section for the Drive/Boost Paralmeters in VL3

    A great addition to the VL3 would be able to Eq the drive and boost parameters by themselves rather than relying on the amp preset. Also if we had a choice of drive pedals to pick from to use for that setting rather than just one would be awesome!!

    I don't know if this something you guys in R&D could incorporate as an update to our existing pedals.

  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 06-27-2018
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    Great ideas, George!
    I've found myself looking for an EQ section in the Drive block as well and remembering "Oh yeah I have to do that in the amp". I'm not making any promises but I've logged this as a feature request in our system :]

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  3. #3 by Andy Macnab on 07-03-2018
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    Dark matter

    I would like to see the dark matter pedal show up in the drive section
    Not the amp section. This would be better than where it is now you can
    Only use it if your running into an actual amp. If it was moved those who have an amp
    Could still use it. And those of use who go straight to a board could use it then
    Going into the VL3x amp.