Acoustic guitar sounds distorted in VoiceLive 3

  1. #1 by Gregg Johnson on 05-18-2018
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    Acoustic guitar sounds distorted in VoiceLive 3

    When I say distorted, I mean that they sound overdriven--exacly how they would sound if I turned up the distortion knob on an amp.

    I'm a new user of a Voice Live 3, but I've worked on sound and played an acoustic guitar through amps and pedals for over two decades, and this has me stumped. The usual suspects are not the problem:

    All of the pre and post gains are set to 0.
    No global settings, that I can find, are the problem.

    But every preset, including the Body Rez presets and a new preset created from scratch, are distorted. (The acoustic preset, however, appears to have been overwritten when I downloaded patches, si I cannot test that preset.)

    The guitar is a Epiphone PR5E that sounds fine connected directly to an amp.
    The 1/4" cable is new and sounds fine connected to an amp.

    I'm just wanting a clean acoustic sound, a starting point, before I experiment with the Body Rez and other settings. Any suggestions, or ideas about potential problems?
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    Hi Greg,

    Have you turned OFF Guitar Speaker SIM Enable?
    Setup->Guitar TAB.
    Have you checked that you have All Guitar FX Global to OFF
    Then try a preset and,
    Press the Soft Touch Guitar button and make sure that you have all the guitar effects turned off, remember to use the right/left arrows to dispaly all the Gtr Effects.
    You should now have no effects at all; how does it sound ?
    If it's still distorted, Reduce the GTR Input Gain.

    Hopefully you have now a clean signal..

    Now try one of the BodyRez Preset 1-5 which you can get using voicesupport2.

    Hope that helps.