Midas Pro1 presenting noise on all console input channels

  1. #11 by Joel Pinheiro on 06-16-2018
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    Thanks for fast contact!

    Thanks a lot to Midas for the fast answer and contact of care center.
    Since it is not on my country and my mixer is no longuer in Warranty period.

    I took the liberty to investigate the problem and managed to solve it.

    The problem was the PSU that converts 12v to +-12v and +48v that was damaged.

    One of its 16v 1000uF on the entry side was in internal short circuit.

    I replaced all 16v electrolytic capacitors by higher voltage ones.

    I think that Midas should consider on future designs to not use electrolytic capacitors of so "lower" voltage (only 4v above the working voltage).

    That could cause a reliability issue on the future.

    Also that PSU was with an internal 16A fuse that was blown apart. I was surprised that sunpower psu didn't got damaged too since it is also 16A on the 12v side.

    I took the liberty of replacing that fuse by a 12.5A one to be shure that a future problem on the +-12v+48V PSU doesn't cause the failure of the sunpower one.