XR18 Main LR output through USB

  1. #1 by Nigel JaDee on 05-14-2018
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    XR18 Main LR output through USB


    Im using the usb for input into the mixer and have been trying to use it as the main LR out as well. The only driver that lets me do this is USB Driver version 2.23.

    When setting it up, it seems that the USB 1/2 send is sending out the sound jsut fine, it just sound 100% different than i have my mixer setup for. What im hearing is louder or softer depending on what the soudn is coming through than what the MAin LR is sending out via the USB back to the PC.

    I tried a limiter on the main LR out and if i crank the input up the signal stays the same for the output and is not impacted at all.

    How can i use the USB as Main LR correctly, are the 2.23 the only drivers that work for simply sending 2 channels out and having windows detect that? Am i missing Something? Or can i not use usb out as my main LR out instead of using XLR in the Main LR area on the mixer?
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    The PC app (Windows, Linux, Mac, Pi) has an In/Out button in the top right cluster. Open that and go to the USB Sends tab. There you can patch each USB channel to anything you like. The driver makes no difference whatsoever beyond "getting sound" at all.