Equipment Setup

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    Equipment Setup

    My issue is one of equipment setup. OK all you tecknogeeks go easy on me. I am not one of you. I have been using yes Audacity and found it easy to understand and use. I use tracks and record my vocals and mix, master & render in Audacity. I wanted better quality so I purchased a Behringer X2222USB mixer and a power amp. Then I downloaded T7 DAW. I have tried everything they instructed me to try, including the Behringer USB Asio driver and the ASIO4All driver. I cannot get tracktion to communicate with the mixer. No recording or playback. I could with Audacity?? I'm at a point, after hundreds of hours, I'm ready to scrap both and buy another DAW that may work with the mixer. Has anyone had a similar problem?
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    Hi Roger,

    Welcome to the forum. No you are not alone trying to get Tracktion to work. When I got my X32 Rack about 4 1/2 years ago, I tried the free version of Tracktion (v 4 at the time). After playing with it for a couple of hours with no luck, I went back to Reaper. The nice thing about Reaper is that you can download the full function app for a trial of 60 days (I believe) and the non-commercial license is very reasonable ($60US for 2 full version updates). Since then I've produced 2 CD's for a Catholic youth group and everyone involved were very pleased with the results. Have a look at Reaper

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