Uphoria 1820, ADAT functions

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    Uphoria 1820, ADAT functions

    hello Music Tribe

    new member here.... just bought the 1820 and have been trying to have my 8 Uphoria channels connect to my Apogge Quartet..... with an ADAT lite pipe cable. have tried having both units usb's plugged in.... both units show up in my new copy of Logic... (running on 2014 MAC-hi sierra. completely up to date)... Logic was just bought. I tried creating an "aggregate device" ...... both units work fine stand alone but the purpose of this purchase was to use the Uphoria as a slave to add 8 more channels.

    both units seem fine, the Uphoria and the Quartet.... i need them to sync w/ ADAT and act as one unit that shows up in Logic.... is that possible? the behringer expert at Am. Musical Supply told me it would not be a problem but not sure about him.... thank you behringer!!! I have had great success w/ your inuke6000dsp amps , Bugera 100 watt heads and behringer effect pedels

    bill in ess eff