UMC202 Firmware Upgrade

  1. #1 by Alexandre Blois Barbosa on 05-12-2018
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    UMC202 Firmware Upgrade


    I got an used UMC202 (not the HD model) and t is not working in my PC (Windows 10 64bits) . After a few minutes, the audio just sop playing, I need to disconnect USB cable and connect again to have the audio back but after some minutes, it stops again.

    I notice that there is a firmware upgrade in the website v1.12 and thought I could try to install it.

    Downloaded and extract the files but when I run the file UMCAudioDfu.exe I got an error message : "The driver DLL required to access the device is missing"

    I saw an older post with the same problem but his solution was to use an application installed with the driver called UMC Audio Firmware Upgrade. However, when I installed the driver, it not instlled this aplication, only the UMC Control Panel .

    I am using the driver 4.38 file BEHRINGER_UMC_DriverSetup_v4.38.0
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    Update 1

    Ok... I was able to upgrade the firmware.
    What I did was unistall the driver 4.38.
    Then I found somwhere in the site the old driver:

    When you install this driver, The UMC Audio Firmware update is installed and I was able to use it to upgrade.

    The other part of the problem... the audio stopping playing, I found other topics that suggested to manually change the settings to match configurations for Windows Audio Device panel and the driver configuration.

    They are now the same and the audio is playing for some time.

    Still considering if I update the driver again to 4.38...
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    Do not use the 4.38 driver for the non HD units
    use UMC Driver 2.29.0 for Windows XP + Vista

    Make sure you uninstall any driver you currently have before using thie one I suggested.
  4. #4 by Alexandre Blois Barbosa on 05-14-2018
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    Mark, will this drive for XP and Vista work in Windows 10 ?

    The 4.38 is working but I need to manually configure the Audio Device in Windows to match the ASIO driver configuration ( ex 24 bits, 48000Hz )
    Both windows audio panel properties and Asio control panel must be configured manually, them it seems to work fine.