How to by-pass UMC204-HD ?

  1. #1 by Fernando Liso on 05-12-2018
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    How to by-pass UMC204-HD ?

    Hello all,

    First of all, I tried to find a similar threadin the forum but did not find any. Sorry if it is an already discussed topic.

    This is a quite amateur trouble: when I connect my guitar to my UMC204-HD (and then to the computer), it obviously produces sound (lets call it "clean") in my ROKIT5 monitors. The thing is when I am using my DAW, I get two sounds: one the clean sound mentioned and one coming out from the FX plugins being used. This is quite annoying, not only when playing but also considering recorded sound (mix of both sounds).

    Does anyone know a way of configuring interface so to bypass that "clean" sound? I assume this has to be done through interface configuration and not through DAW options

    Thanks for your help
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    Have you tried turning the MIX knob all the way to PB?

    The Mix knob let's you hear a mix of the dry and FX sound, if you turn it all the way to the left you hear the "Dry" sound with no FX, and all the way to the right let's you hear the sound with the FX on them.

    If you have the mix knob anywhere in the middle, you'll hear both the DRY and FX sounds together.