Output routing on an M32C and DL16 as interface to record into DAW

  1. #1 by Marlon Longid on 05-09-2018
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    Output routing on an M32C and DL16 as interface to record into DAW

    Hi folks!

    This is my first post. Thanks so much for all of the great information.

    I'm interested in using my Midas M32C and DL16 as an interface to record into Logic Pro X on my iMac. I've read/viewed quite a few posts about setting up an M32 or M32R with Logic but the menus that are referenced in the posts don't quite align with the M32C's iPad interface.

    Thus far I've been able to connect the M32C to my iMac via a USB cable. Logic recognizes it as "DN32-USB" and I'm able to play music.

    When I play a Logic session back the meters on Aux 1 & Aux 2 light up. Likewise, if the main LR fader is up the meters light up. I'm assuming that up to this point the outputs are operating properly.

    I'd like to be able to use my studio monitors but need help with routing the audio to them properly. Any suggestions on how I should set each section up in the "Routing" and "Monitor" tabs if I'm going to use the monitoring output jacks on the back of the M32C? Or should I be using those jacks at all?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance and advice!
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    Hi Marlon, perhaps you could provide more details? You have to set up the ch’s you want to be recorded in the local (or home) routing column. In your case you wont use Local ch's as the Core/M32C has none, yours would likely be aes50 1-8 and 9-16. Are you using X/M32-Edit? You are aware of the card out routing correct? You have to then “tell" your daw what ch’s to record and that's done on the card out routing. You kind of need 2 different setups (scenes/snippets) to do both playback and recording. However depending on your total ch count needs, you may be able to do both on 1 32 ch set up. It's also very common to use "aux remap" for playback of 2,4 or 6 card ch's. For instance if all your DAW tracks use something like 'stereo 1/2 out' as playback ch's. Using aux remap playback, select card 1-2 as the source and playback of your DAW will occur on aux ch's 1 and 2 (X32 ch 33/34) As far as your monitor goes, I believe the default setting is Main L/R post fader so all ch's will be heard from your monitor output jacks UNLESS the default settings were altered in some way. So aux 1 and 2 should translate just fine in your monitors.