Ethernet port on MR18

  1. #1 by Dwayne Aasberg on 05-09-2018
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    Ethernet port on MR18

    Hello all.

    I'm not even sure if this is important, but it's one of those things that catches my attention now and then.

    I use the MR18 connected to an external 5GHz router. The MR18 is set to 'ETHERNET'. When I connect to the mixer through the router the yellow LED on the MR18 flashes. The green LED never comes on, never flashes, never does anything.

    Does the green LED mean anything? In the promotional material the green LED is on; is that just to make nice photos? I've tried connecting different routers to the MR18 with different cables and the green LED never lights.

    For clarity I've never had any issue connecting to the mixer through any router that wasn't fixed by simply re-booting everything including the PC. But in those moments of panic in a show when I can't connect I come back to that darned green LED that just won't light.

    Thanks in advance for your sage advice.
    Dwayne A
  2. #2 by Joel lee on 05-16-2018
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    Perfectly normal. The green led indicates 100mbps data speed. You reach a fraction of that with the air mixer. So it will never come on. Although it is not needed it's still there because it's a typical ethernet connector which all have them.
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    Hey Joel.

    Thanks for the reply and explanation. I will put that worry behind me.