Pro Series and the DN9630

  1. #1 by Duane Rodakowski on 05-08-2018
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    Pro Series and the DN9630

    Has has anyone used the new KT DN9630?
    It turns 24 channels of audio in your computer into AES50, 96k. My local MI dealer sells them for $299
    To do this trick before you needed two things, a DN9650 and a separate KT-USB 2.0 card. Together they were $1700.00. That was a steep price.

    Has anyone tried the DN9630 yet?
  2. #2 by Peter Wagner on 05-09-2018
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    Yes, currently I'm using 2 of them for 48 channel recording and virtual soundcheck.
    It works flawlessly.
  3. #3 by Hubertus Mohr on 05-11-2018
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    I did a show with a Midas Pro1 in March and recorded 24 tracks with Protools. No issues at all. The DN9630 appeared as a generic AES 50 device. Worked perfect!
  4. #4 by Dirk Verhoef on 06-14-2018
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    Pro1 and 2x DN9630 on Windows

    Last week i'll tried to record 24 Channels with my Pro1 and DL153, thats works fine.

    Does the Windows driver supports 2x DN9630 on Windows?
    So i'll can record 48 channels on 96K?
  5. #5 by Paul Vannatto on 06-14-2018
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    Hi Dirk,

    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately Windows only allows access to one audio driver at a time.

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