UFX1204 Mix Minus with stereo track?

  1. #1 by Colin Smith on 05-08-2018
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    UFX1204 Mix Minus with stereo track?

    I have a Behringer UFX 1204 and I have a simple Mix Minus working using the Aux Out for my mic and my co-host's mic on channel 1 and 2 respectively with the remote guest on strip 7/8. That seems to work well.

    Now I'm trying to route my soundboard to the AUX OUT which works on strip 4/5 but the remote guest can't seem to hear it. I have tried both pre and post fader without any success. Is there something I'm missing? Can I only send mono channels to the AUX?

    1. I have the gain and the fader turned up (I hear it in the main mix and it goes to my DAW)
    2. I have the AUX Send turned up

    Is this routing possible? What am I doing wrong?