From XR18 to X32 Rack...

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    From XR18 to X32 Rack...

    "Upgrading" from my XR18 to an X32 rack with SD8 for 24 channels. What do I need to know to make the transition as seamless as possible?

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    Hi Darren,

    If you want to convert your scene files from the X-Air to X32, get the X32 Scene Parser ( and use the import feature to convert the X-Air scene file to a snippet (since a number of features in X32 are missing in the X-air). Then import that snippet and apply to a good X32 scene. I'm frequently converting in both directions (X32 -> X-Air and X-Air -> X32).

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    For additional help please refer to the X32 wiki pages for updated and current documentation about the X32.

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    The Rack is arguably less flexible with routing (and automix) than the XR18. If you've just got live mics you'll probably be fine, but if you've got a mixture of live mics + tracks coming in over USB, you'll have to plan your blocks-of-8\auxin Remap accordingly. Also, the X32 Rack can't change FX return sources between FX processors and USB inputs like the XR18 can.

    If you were previously using the XR18's internal router to connect, you're going to need a new one, as the Rack doesn't have one built in.

    The Aux input on the XR18 is fixed stereo. Each of the Aux inputs on the Rack are mono: if you want them to operate in stereo you'll have to manually stereo-link them.

    If you've been using the teq\geq on the XR18's outputs (as opposed to the peq) you'll have to use FX inserts to replace that on the Rack: the dedicated eq on the Rack's buses are peq only.

    The Rack's outputs are hotter than the XR18's, so be prepared to turn your PA down a little\adjust any compression thresholds you have on the main bus.

    Finally, (not specific to an XR18>X32 Rack conversion,) make sure the cable between the Rack and the stagebox is STP, with Ethercons at both ends, continuity between both barrels.
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    Ah. It's like Christmas morning. An upgrade from the XR18 to the x32 Rack. Now, if I could just get club bands to pay more!