UMC22 - Outputs Questions

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    Hi Samuel,

    So it turns out I was mistaken, according to our CARE Technicians "latency free" DIRECT MONITORING is possible from the MAIN LR Outputs on the back of the unit, in addition to the HEADPHONES output. I do apologize for mistakenly providing the wrong information in my previous post. Must have been confusing my answer with our other UMC204/404HD products which handle this feature a bit differently.

    Please keep in mind:
    • When DIRECT MONITORING is engaged, you will not be able to have return signals (playback) from your DAW to the headphone our Main LR Outputs. Only the Input signals will be there.
    • Channel #1 Input signals will only be present in the LEFT side, and Input channel two will only be present in the RIGHT side when monitoring via HEADPHONES or the MAIN LR Outputs on the back of the unit.

    In regards to your follow up questions:

    As I've corrected myself, you can indeed monitor with the MAIN LR Outputs on the back of the unit using the DIRECT MONITORING feature. Just make sure that you also remember the two points I mentioned above. In addition to DIRECT MONITORING, the MAIN LR Outputs are able to be used for playback audio returning from your Computer/DAW.

    You could try using something like a Stereo TRS to Dual Mono TRS cable splitter to feed the HEADPHONES output of the UMC22 to your Monitor Speakers, but seeing as you can DIRECT MONITOR on the MAIN LR Outputs this is pretty much unnecessary.

    Again I apologize for my last post mistake, hope this helps make it right for you.
    No about the mistake, I am just glad you clarified and explained it thoroughly to me. Still learning all this stuff. Thank you very much for the information and for your time! Cheers.

    PS This lil unit is a really good deal for the price! Very happy with it, even more so now with the information you provided!