Using X32 as stage mixer only

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    Using X32 as stage mixer only

    We have an X32 RACK mixer and are planning to add an SD-8 to it. Our FOH mixer is a Mackie S32-4 which our sound man is comfortable using. I want to know if I can connect all our our inputs (9 wireless mikes, 7 wired mikes, CD player, Computer output, and the USB port on the X32) to the X32, then have them output directly to the Mackie, while at the same time have them available for the 4 stage mixes. I want the outputs to be direct from the input to the output without any control on the X32. Is this possible? If so, ideas on how to configure?
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    Hi Thomas,

    Welcome to the forum. Even though the X32 Rack is a very versatile console, if you add up all the inputs (9+7+2+2+2) you won't have enough outputs if you need 4 monitor outputs even with the SD8 (8+6+8+4). I would suggest you get a couple of Behringer MS8000 Then you can split the 9 wireless and 7 wired mics between the 2 consoles. Then if you wish to send the CD, computer and USB outputs to FOH, there would be sufficient outputs.

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    Not doable, at least, not without some work-arounds.

    Firstly, to have the X32 Rack act as a splitter, you'll be patching direct-outs from preamps. Preamp gain and +48v will affect the signals being sent to the FOH console. The way around that is to get proper mic splitters, eg the ART S8 (or 3) and use those to split the signals before they hit the preamps.

    Secondly: X32Rack+SD8 = 22x analogue outputs (ignoring the monitor outs on the Rack.) You've got 22x signals (assuming cd player, computer, and X32's USB playback are all stereo,) so that fits nicely, however it leaves you 0 outputs for your monitor mixes. You could make it work if you crunched some signals down to mono, freeing up space for some monitor mixes, and\or using the monitor outputs from the X32 to feed some iems\wedges, though that sacrifices the console's solo functionality.