Another dead iNuke

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    Another dead iNuke

    (edit) Ok, I'm less upset today about the iNuke dying minutes before the band hit the stage than i was when it happened. It's being sent in for warranty repair now and I have since bought ANOTHER one to have as a backup. Just can't beat the price, and with a 3 year warranty, I'll send it in as many time as I have to.

    Thought I'd leave my original frustrated post though as a reminder to those that expect a $300 6,000w amp to be as dependable as something costing WAY WAY more. Price is always an indicator of quality. Always. Here's my advice, buy 2. Then you won't worry.
    (original post) I have been defending Behringer quality to anyone with something bad to say about them. I’ve read the tales of failing iNukes and I wanted to belive mine wouldn’t. But, reality caught up with me and mine (monitor amp) died sometime between sound check and show. I’m SO disappointed. And, now I’m mixing a show with no monitors. Guess how that looks as a sound guy? This isn’t just Behringers problem! It’s now my problem, at a gig, with paying customers. I’ll get it warranty repaired, but’s it’s going on Craigslist as soon as I get it back. And what really sucks, I JUST ordered an x32 a few days ago and spent my available money on that. So, a $350 4ch Behringer will be replaced with a $1,600 4ch QSC. I absolutely can NOT have gear I can’t depend on. Argh. Argh ARGH! (read replies)

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    Does this thing have a fuse I can replace? cant find anything about it

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    Sorry to hear this. If I remember correctly a batch of inukes were having a bad diode installed. It wasn’t behringers fault but a supplier error.

    I’m sure that Care will fix it for you, but even then it sucks when gear fails at a gig...

    I couldn’t help but notice - A nuke fail in Harrisburg

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    Check the knowledgebase at

    For official technical and warranty support for your product you should contact the support team through their CARE department. You can contact CARE by phone at (+1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (+44) 1562 732290 in Europe.

    You can also contact CARE support via email at They strive to respond to emails within 24-48 hours during normal business hours, but please be patient if it takes longer due to the volume of emails they receive.

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    Sending the iNuke in for warranty repair. And....I bought another another one. Here's the plan. Have 2 in my rack, channels bridged so still 4 channels total. But more power to my monitors. The 6.000w rating is something like an anemic 440w/ch at 8ohm. My 800w JBLs are hungrier than that. Plus, the odds of both failing in one night are, I hope impossible. So I should always have 4 channels available if one fails. Hopefully! And, amps will ONLY fail at a gig.

    Alright Behringer. I'm giving you another chance.

    My drum monitor is Behringer. Powered 1550 on a powered 15" sub. Every drummer I mix LOVES it.

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    If I remember correctly a batch of inukes were having a bad diode installed. It wasn’t behringers fault but a supplier error.
    So THAT'S what happened! I bought two NU-6000DSP's and one NU4-6000 in one order a couple of years ago, intending to use the DSPs in our installed system and the '4 in the portable. Absolutely hated the DSPs' massive power-pop and promptly sent them back in exchange for the non-DSP version, and used our old analog processing instead. Much better behaved!

    After a while, one of the replacements refused to turn on. So I went without subs during the warranty repair. Got it back, happy again, and then the other one quit. Same symptom. So I went without subs again during another warranty repair. Never got a clear answer to what was wrong except "replace D124" or whatever it was.

    They've been good ever since, and the portable '4 from the original order has never failed, having been used a lot in the dirt/duststorms of rural Nicaragua, but the ordeal does leave me a bit anxious about it.