X-Touch compact controlling M-32r

  1. #1 by Rory van der Oest on 05-02-2018
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    X-Touch compact controlling M-32r

    Hello there!

    I'm trying to control M32-edit with a midi controller.
    What I want eventually is a x-touch compact to control M32-edit which is connected to a M32-R

    However I only got my pan to react on a couple of channels.
    CC16 till CC28. To make it more confusing they were controlling EQ parameters before and I haven't changed anything.

    The m32r is sending CC'es starting from channel 1 on 'bank select' so I thought it could be the same CC from my controller to M-32-edit but no..

    Hope somebody with a lot of midi/m32 wisdom can help me out as I need to finish this set-up pretty soon.

    Kind regards,
    Rory van der Oest