Percentage of Pitch Correction in Harmony Singer Pedal?

  1. #1 by Jeff on 05-01-2018
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    Percentage of Pitch Correction in Harmony Singer Pedal?


    What is the percentage of Pitch Correction in the Harmony Singer pedal?

    I also own a VL2/3, can adjust the percentage for correction. From what I can tell, this is not configurable in the Harmony pedal, correct?


  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 06-08-2018
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    Hey Jeff,
    Only the Mic Mechanic and Duplicator stomps have pitch correction, the Harmony Singer does not - so 0%

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    Thinking back, I'm not sure I am presenting my question accurately. Maybe pitch correction is the wrong word to use. Reading the manual it is interesting it states plugging a guitar in is optional, but under Features it states the harmonies are "guided by your guitar". If this is true, is this Natural Play at work affecting only the Harmonies, and does it affect the dry vocal signal too?

    I am trying to gain a better understand of the pedal's behavior because the people I play music with do not have the most accurate voices to begin with and of course are dazzled by the pedal (lol). And, when they sing through the pedal they sound better too

    from PDF
    Adds one to two voices of realistic vocal harmony guided by your guitar
    Superb reverb effect with three styles sweetens your vocal presentation
    Adaptive Tone automatically brightens, compresses and removes mud for pro vocal tone overall Harmony arrangement knob selects harmony voices above or below, close or far and combinations Easy inline connection between standard mic and mixer
    Clean Thru connection to guitar amp/PA
    Phantom power always on
    USB connection to free VoiceSupport application offering updates, product-specific news, and more Mic Control (patent pending) allows remote on/off switching using an optional TC-Helicon MP-75 or Sennheiser e835FX mic.