Using a TC Helix or Quintessence with the Play Electric

  1. #1 by Hien Vu on 04-30-2018
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    Using a TC Helix or Quintessence with the Play Electric

    I really enjoy using the TC Play Electric with a Switch-6 live and would really hate to have to use external pedals but the PE doesn't include a phaser or harmonizer for guitar so I may have to end up lugging around external pedals and defeats the purpose of using the PE.

    Should I go from my guitar to the pedals then from the pedals to the PE or from guitar to PE, from PE to pedals then to main mixer?

    Do you think there's any chance TC Helicon will include these guitar effects to the PE in the future? To me, that would really change the PE from GOOD to AWESOME and I would even buy a second unit!

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    Hey Hien,
    The PlayElectric expects a dry guitar input to guide the harmonies with, so if you're using external pedals it's best to have them after the VoiceLive. Sending an effected guitar signal into the PlayElectric can potentially really confuse our Harmony algorithm and result in harmony voices going wonky. Run your guitar direct into the PlayElectric, then use the Guitar Out to go into any additional pedals you're using. We've been receiving requests to include these extra effects in an update for years now, and while I can't speak to why it hasn't happened yet, I can say that if it hasn't happened yet it probably never will

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