Output routing issue 2x M32+ 1 DL32

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    Output routing issue 2x M32+ 1 DL32

    How can i route L/R and one subbass-mix from a Midas M32R at F.O.H. to a DL32 on stage? The M32R is connected to the AES 50 B port at the DL32. The M32R monitor console is master and patched to the AES50 A port. We couldnt figure out how to do that. As the monitor M32R is master it has got the control over all outputs at the DL32. Is there a workaround? We would need 12 outputs from the monitor console and 4 sends from F.O.H.
    Thank you!
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    Hi Hubertus,

    If you are trying to split the DL32 outputs between the 2 MR32R, that is not possible (see QSG, page 10 https://media.music-group.com/media/...L32_QSG_WW.pdf). But it does pass the FOH outputs (1-16) via the AES50 through the DL32 and comes to the Monitor as banks 5 & 6 of its AES50. These signals can be redirected to the MR32 Monitor XLR Out (Routing, XLR Out) in banks of 4.

    For example, if FOH AES50 is A
    Routing, Out1-16
    * Output 13 -> Main M/C
    * Output 14 -> Main M/C
    * Output 15 -> Main L
    * Output 16 -> Main R

    Routing, AES50-a
    * Outputs 33-40 -> Out 9-16

    On Monitor console
    Routing, XLR Out
    * Outputs 5-8 -> AES50 A5-8

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    Thank you very much! This seems to be a reasonable solution!