1. #1 by Jan Franzen on 04-24-2018
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    MIDI Sync VL3 SUCKS!!

    Hello people!!

    Why is the MIDI sync of VL3 with Ableton not spot on? I sync with MIDI cable and now I tried USB sync. Both have the same problem that the loop is not seamless and jumps at the end. This really sucks and I can now not use the looper in a live set!
  2. #2 by Robert Lofgren on 04-24-2018
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    What is your daw latency set to?

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    What is your daw latency set to?
    in 2.24 ms
    out 2.18 ms
    overall 4.42 ms
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    Hi Jan,

    I had the problem of loop endings 'jumping' even though Vl3x is midi synced to a master clock.

    Turned out to be the quantising feature (and my timing of stopping the loop). And the fact the metronome must be active, can still frustrate me sometimes even now, but it might be a contributor to the issue you mention?

    Good luck with your investigations, this is the place to get the answers.

    Best regards

  5. #5 by Spencer Larsen on 05-02-2018
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    Hey Jan,
    Just want to point out that you probably want to have your looper in VL3 set to "Quantize" mode if you don't already.

    Just like SMART, QUANTIZE uses VoiceLive 3’s LoopAssist™ feature. It will make your loops fall onto the nearest beat of the current tempo. But other than SMART, QUANTIZE does not extend or trim Loops."

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