VoiceLive Touch2 Overheating During Outside Gigs

  1. #1 by Kyler Koning on 04-22-2018
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    VoiceLive Touch2 Overheating During Outside Gigs

    I am a solo acoustic artist and play several outdoor patio gigs. Whenever the outside temperature is above about 75-degrees F, my VLT2 freezes and the signal drops to my mic and guitar. I have to turn off my power strip for about a minute and turn back on to reset.

    It's really an issue when I'm playing outside in the sun because the casing is black.

    I love using the harmonies during my gigs, but I can't keep messing with resetting the VLT2 every five minutes.

    Anyone else had this issue?

    Any suggestions for keeping it cool?
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 05-02-2018
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    Hey Kyler,
    Yep we heard this reported from other Touch 2 users as well, and we already fixed it! Please install VoiceSupport and update your Touch 2 to the latest firmware - build 61 from October 2017 - this should solve your problem.

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