Inspire IP3000 Vs. Milan M15

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    Inspire IP3000 Vs. Milan M15

    Hello everybody:

    I'm planing to renew my whole sound system but I've been using Turbosound Milan M15 ( 4 units ) with Milan M18B Subs ( 4 units ), and the sound is outstanding. However, I want to evolve to a much better looking, more esthetic and more innovating system.

    I'm planing to buy 4 Inspire iP3000 now that the system has 130db-2000 watts capacity but I don't know if it will suit for the kind of events I do. I will still use my 4 Milan M18B subs.

    I'm a wedding DJ in Guatemala City, Centra America and most of the wedding I DJ are 350-500 people average.

    My question is, are the iP3000 good enough to fulfilled a 350+ people event? most of the music I play is Latin, Deep House and EDM and sometimes I drive my Milans very hard for 8-10 hours straight and on the 2 years that I've been using them, they had never let me down in any situation.

    I'm asking this because the investment for the 4 units of the iP3000 is more than double for the 4 Milans M15 I have, but I think it will look way cooler....jajajajaja

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Thanks everyone.