Auto Gain

  1. #1 by Clint McLain on 04-14-2018
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    Auto Gain

    When using the set function for auto gain and setting it does it stay set or do you need to reset it everytime you plug it in for use ? If so can you manually set the gain and it stays as set for the next performance .
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 05-02-2018
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    Hey Clint,
    The gain setting is volatile, meaning it is reset every time you unplug the unit. This is from the Perform-VG manual (you didn't mention which device you're using, but it should still apply):

    Set Mic Gain
    • Press and hold the SET button for about 2 seconds, while singing normally
    • When the process is complete, the SET LED will turn RED
    • Release the SET button to complete the process
    • Your mic gain is now set optimally

    After the gain is set, you’ll see the LED ring illuminate red, showing you the current mic gain. If you would like to make a manual adjustment to the automatic setting, simply turn the control knob. When you’re done making adjustments, the control will time out and your manually selected level will be saved. Manually setting mic gain also disables the “nudge" feature which protects you from overloading the input by reducing gain when repeated overloads are detected in a short period of time. Pressing the SET button after manually setting mic gain will re-enable “nudge”.

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  3. #3 by Todd Moore on 05-10-2018
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    I find the auto gain to be a pain. I always want to the gain to be set down to its lowest setting, due to the input being hit pretty hard from my wireless microphone (which is already set to -8db). I wish it just saved this gain setting in VRAM so I didn't have to remember to set it each time.
  4. #4 by Jered McKenna on 3 Weeks Ago
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    Auto gain

    Jumping in: regarding the pedal line that includes the Duplicator and others: how does the auto gain work? I'm very uncomfortable with the "auto" here... How does it set the gain? Does it change during a performance, or does it keep a general, assumed gain level based on common vocal mics? I don't like the idea of the gain changing on me...