VoiceLive Rack – cc# 01: Vib Amount

  1. #1 by Morgan Lindstrøm on 04-13-2018
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    VoiceLive Rack – cc# 01: Vib Amount

    I recently bought the VoiceLive Rack. My wife it using it, and now has a lot of fun!

    As the nerd I am, I have studied and tried out all the MIDI CCs found in the MIDI-implementation chart. All of them are working, except for cc# 01: Vib Amount. I have tried this many times, using MIDI-connection as well as USB-connection.

    I have tried using different Vib Styles (cc# 24), but the values of the Vib Amount parameter does not change, whether I write command-values in a Cubase-track, or use the modulation wheels on my MIDI-keyboards.

    Does this represent a bug in the firmware-code, making it impossible to get this to work – or am missing something here?

    And another thing: The styles of all effects can be changed using MIDI CCs – µMod, Delay, Reverb, Double, Transducer, Harmony – except for Rhythmic, having no associated MIDI CC for "style". Is this option really missing for the Rhythmic effect – or is it only missing in the MIDI-implementation chart?
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    Hey Morgan,
    So currently the vibrato effect does not work on Notes Mode harmonies. So it works for styles like "1 voice above" and "Gospel low", but if you're playing the harmonies with a MIDI controller you currently cannot apply vibrato to the voices. I believe this is a bug, and have logged it as such, hopefully it'll be fixed eventually but for now you can only use vibrato on voices that are not created via MIDI.

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    Thanks for valuable info!

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