Play Acoustic - midrange cut for vocals

  1. #1 by Marty Cansler on 04-12-2018
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    Play Acoustic - midrange cut for vocals

    I find myself always wanting to cut the midrange on my vocals and guitar. Which one of the vocal tone presets are getting close to that?

    For any future update on the firmware.... a tone setting with midrange cut would be my pick.
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 05-02-2018
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    Hey Marty,
    Unfortunately this particular Tone filter hasn't been implemented. In addition to the normal Tone settings, we have a "Less Bright" with less emphasis on the high frequency EQ band, and a "Warmth" setting which is the opposite of what you want. I've logged a mid-cut Tone setting as a feature request, but in the mean time this sounds like an excuse for you to start experimenting with different microphones

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  3. #3 by Marty Cansler on 05-02-2018
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    Thanks Spencer. I appreciate your reply. I have been testing a few different mics. Looking for one with a lower proximity effect. Currently I can lower the midrange by backing off the mic, but I am so accustomed to being close I just naturally drift close again.

    Whatever happened to Craig.? I used to see his replies often. He still working for you guys? If so , tell him hello from us. He, like you now, was a great support person.