Using The VK in a Live Band Setting With In Ears And A Church Soundboard

  1. #1 by April Martella on 04-10-2018
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    Using The VK in a Live Band Setting With In Ears And A Church Soundboard


    I am a worship leader for a church, and I sing and play keyboard with other vocalists and instruments. (Electric drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and 3 other vocalists)

    I bought the VK specifically to use the pitch control and harmony feature. (I have the voice live play, but I can never get the harmonies to be in tune and the pitch control feature cuts in and out in the mic) We use a Behrenger X32 soundboard and P16 In Ear monitoring system.

    I hooked the VK up to my keyboard and mic, but I have few problem, which I am hoping there are solutions to.

    1) It seems my vocals are now coming through on the same channel as my keyboard. At least, thats how it is coming through my in-ear monitors. The channel I use to adjust my vocals no longer works, and each time I have to lower or higher the keyboard volume in my ears, my vocal volume is adjusted also. I am assuming the same thing is happening in front of house also. What am I doing wrong?

    2) I would still like my sound person to be able to adjust my reverb, echo, and EQ from the soundboard, so I don't plan on using the VK tone feature, reverb or echo when playing at church. How can I make this happen?

    3) How can I adjust the level of pitch control on the VK? Some of my band mates tell me it sounds a tad robotic.

    Thank you!
    April Martella
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    Hey April,

    1) The two 1/4" outputs on Perform-VK are a mix of your microphone and instrument inputs. The mic level is your reference level, so everything should be adjusted according to that - like raising/lowering the level of your keyboard's output. If you'd like to separate the two for a mixing desk to deal with later down the chain, don't use the "INST" input on VK, connect your keyboard via MIDI to the VK, or you can plug your keyboard's output to the auxiliary input and do the mute trick (manual page 11).

    2) Can you clarify? Do you mean you want the sound person to be adjusting your effect's levels? You'd need to have the VK at the sound desk for that, or have your sound guy sending MIDI commands to the VK controlling it.

    3) Pitch Correction in the VK is either on or off, super simple so you can't adjust it unfortunately.

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    Pitch correct always sounds a little un natural, when you hear the real vocal and the corrected vocal. But you can change the amound off pitch correction. If you don't like the sound you can maybee also try the beamable hits with auto-tune natural setting.

    Also adding an extra vocal (octace lower) can give you a more natural sound in combination.

    For harmony you have a big difference on the last two settings. But never use to much harmony.

    And do not forget to ask your sound tech for his advice.