Connecting an AES50 stream From Pro1 to M32r

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    Connecting an AES50 stream From Pro1 to M32r

    Hey Guys,

    Im currently working on a large scale project with a Pro1 ar 48Khz on foh and an m32 at 48Khz at the foyer stage. All radio mics that are used during the show must be used ons the foyer stage aswell and must all be splitted simultaniously From Pro1 to M32r.
    Th the moment I was thinking of putting 2 Dl153 stageboxes to the foh and make a return Aes50 to the M32 with a custom patch From front of house. Here comes the tricky part: all I get when I link the machines is a n/a sync on the m32 with external clocksource and a linked generic aes50 device on the pro1. As soon as I sent over a channel, the m32 recieves 2 Channels of hiss. On sending it to Aes50 channel 1 I get hiss on channel 1 and 2 of the m32, sending channel 2 is shows up on 3 and 4 and So on. Any thoughts on this one... it seems Pretty straight foreward to me, But Maybe it isnt...
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    To my knowledge the Pro1 cant do 48k?! Can you please double check this?

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