Hooking Perform VK up to computer /DAW

  1. #1 by April Martella on 04-04-2018
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    Hooking Perform VK up to computer /DAW


    Iíve hooked the VK to my Mac via usb and am using GarageBand. I have the VK hooked up to my keyboard also, and the keyboard is coming into the DAW as MIDI. I also have a condenser mic hooked into the VK. ( the micís power supply is connected into the VK) I have a couple questions.

    1) It seems that when I turn the harmony button on, it affects the volume of the keys and mic by lowering it. When I turn Harmony off, the volume of everything gets louder again.

    2) Also, is this the best set up to get the best harmonies recorded into my DAW? Not sure if itís in my head or not, but the harmonies seem more accurate when Iím not using the DAW.

    Thank you
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    Hey April,
    That sounds like a cool setup, we'd love to see it in action!
    So the center control knob on Perform-VK, when you're not editing an effect and it's showing solid light blue, this is controlling your mix between your lead voice and the harmony voices. When you activate harmonies, that center dial will kick in and apply the mix you've set. As you increase the dial (left-to-right increasing blue LEDs) the harmony voices will increase in level, and as they reach parity with your lead voice, the lead voice will be turned down to make way for the harmony voices. So to me it sounds like you have that center dial turned up to the point where the lead voice is being decreased to make the harmonies more prominent. This shouldn't be affecting the instrument input though, it will only lower the lead voice. Maybe double check this? I just tested mine and the instrument level is consistent regardless of my harmony settings.

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