Foot pedal for 3 Perform V units?

  1. #1 by Ben Freedman on 04-02-2018
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    Foot pedal for 3 Perform V units?


    I am looking for a simple way to use a footpedal to activate and deactivate 3 separate perform v units... I want to be able to turn the effects on and off of all three at once....

    Any ideas on this?


  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 04-09-2018
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    Hey Ben,
    Actually yeah this is possible! You can use a couple of TRS splitters (you'd need two of these splitters for 3 Perform-V's) to effectively duplicate the signal leaving the footswitch. I just tried it here and it totally worked! Perform-V's will work with either the Switch-3 or Switch-6, so it's up to you depending on how much control you want. You'll have to map each of the Perform-V's individually, but once they're all set up they'll remember the footswitch mappings forever so it's not like you have to map them every time. Hope that helps

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