Bought 8 New IQ speakers, 2 Have issues right out of the box

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    Bought 8 New IQ speakers, 2 Have issues right out of the box

    Hello! I waited 2 months for the iQ15 and iQ12 to be shipped to my Dealer, as they were back ordered. One of My iQ12's worked fine when I first plugged it in and addressed it. When I tipped it on it's side to use it as a monitor, I lost the High Frequencies. I tipped it back up, and still had none. I suspect it's possibly a connection, but who knows...

    The second speaker, an iQ15 will not pass power out of the white powercon. I tried different cables and everything. It's just dead.

    Here's my question: I need these to work. The local authorized repair center says they're running about 10 weeks out right now. My dealer says they'll gladly swap them, but they said the speakers are still backordered again, and it'll be mid-late april before their backorder is filled.

    Can I open these and check them out without voiding warranty? If it's a connection, I can fix it easily. On the 15, I assume it's just a poor solder or something, as it should just be a trace from the power input.

    The supply situation is less than favorable right now, and I need these to work right now, as I'm in the middle of tour.

    Can I Open them and check them out, but still get them replaced if I can't see an immediate problem?

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    I cant recommend doing either or... It is up to you, or you should contact the seller to see if they can have a quick look.

    The hf-speaker could just be a cable that came lose during shipping. The amp module is easy to pull out and is enclosed in a metal case so it ought to be protected should you decide to check out the cables.

    When it comes to the powercon link Id just leave that one alone until you can get it serviced or an replacement as youd need to take apart the amp module as well. The powercon link is protected by a fuse but Id still not call it user servicable friendly.

    I know this since I dropped one of the pole cup screws into the cabinet when I replaced the pole cups with M20 variants from K&M instead.

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