Play Electric for guitarist/keyboardist/singer in a band situation

  1. #1 by Hien Vu on 03-23-2018
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    Play Electric for guitarist/keyboardist/singer in a band situation

    I've been able to learn more about the PE in here is the last hour than all the days and days searching online, thank you!
    I sing while playing the guitar and while playing an electric piano with a band (using the same mic). I also sing while playing the electric piano before the band starts. My guitar would be plugged into the PE and I was hoping the Room Sensing would pick up the piano but that does not seem to be the case. a A/B switch to combine the guitar & keyboard signal for input won't work because they would need to be routed to different places (guitar to guitar amp and keyboard to sub-mixer).
    I'm hoping to use vocal effects, harmony & pitch correction. Is there anything I can do to make this work?
    Thank you.
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    Hey Hien,
    Are you currently using the 3.5mm auxiliary input in your PlayElectric? If not, you could take a copy of your keyboard's output (via a splitter if you have to) and send that to the Aux input on PlayElectric. You can then use the "Mix" menu in PlayElectric to mute the auxiliary signal so it doesn't leave the box, and your keyboard will be used for harmony guiding! Our harmony guidance system (we call it NaturalPlay) is dynamic, so when it stops hearing a guitar input, it'll start listening to other sources like auxiliary.
    RoomSense should work for you as an alternative, but setting up this auxiliary keyboard input will be much more reliable for harmony guiding. My guess as to why RoomSense isn't currently working is because you possibly don't have the settings perfected yet. In the "Setup" menu on the "Input" page you need to have it set to "Ambient/Auto" for it to be used for harmonies. RoomSense is always a last resort, so that'll only kick in if your guitar has gone silent.

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    Thank you for your reply Spencer. I've never thought about plugging the keyboard into AUX but that makes perfect sense Instead of splitting the cable, I may try going from the headphone jack on my keyboard submixer to the AUX.
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    Use Play Electric to replace guitar amp/effect board.

    I used the PE/Switch-6 as a vocal processor/harmonizer as well as a "guitar amp" and effects at a full-band gig last weekend and it was perfect!!!
    We played everything from Beatles, Beegees, Abba to Santana and Rolling Stones and I was able to use just 5 presets on the PE. plus the Switch-6 for Boost, Compressor, Delay, Reverb, Modulation & Acoustic.
    The PE was connected to the main mixer via 2 XLR cables (1 for mic & 1 for guitar). My guitar came through the monitors and main PA speakers clearly & perfectly, I didn't miss my big heavy tube amp & effect boards at all. I'd love to see TC add a good phaser and possibly an auto wah to the guitar effects though!