X AIR App Stopped Working

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    X AIR App Stopped Working

    X AIR had been running smooth on iPhone 7 running iOS 10. However upon updating to iOS 11.3 as I now open the app it only loading a blank screen on the start up and crashes itself automatically. Any idea how to get it working again?

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    Any idea how to get it working again?
    Tell Apple to stop breaking things? Many years ago, I created a programmable calculator for my wife when we were using Windows 3.1. Even though it is a 16 bit app, she is still using it on her current laptop running Windows 10 64 bit (latest build).
    By the way, welcome to the forum Ronny.

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    Have you tried downloading and using the MR18 version M-Air rather than the X-Air app? Should work identically but may be a newer version than the XR one which might work with the newer iOS.