1. #1 by Wayne Read on 03-12-2018
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    This is not directly about the mixer but you guys are so helpful..

    We have a American Operator bt unit in the rack that we used to play house music from a usb stick. Now we have the MR12 we don't really need it as we can use the usb on that so I was going to get rid.

    But then I got to thinking can we not use the Bluetooth function to play our backing tracks with. That gets rid of a cable across the floor. I don't think latency will be an issue as the tracks take the lead????
    My only concern would be somebody hijacking the connection or interference from.the radio mics / wifi.

    What do you think - anyone else use BT ?
  2. #2 by Rex Beckett on 03-13-2018
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    Hi Wayne,

    I did experiment with using Bluetooth audio feeds at one point. I concluded:

    1. The Bluetooth transmitter and receiver must both support the Aptx profile to give a sufficiently low-noise link. Aptx is usually only available on recent products that implement Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

    2. Interference from other equipment can cause drop-outs and jumps in latency.

    3. It can work OK at home but is not, IMHO, sufficiently robust for use at gigs. The USB player in MR12/XR12/XR16 is, for me, a better solution.

    Other members have posted about using BT for music feeds and had success using pro-level Bluetooth receivers.

    When a BT receiver is paired with a transmitter, it should not be possible for anyone to hijack the connection without physical access to it. Usually it would require a button on the receiver to be pressed to initiate a new pairing.