A way to keep the gate out of the musician's in ears.

  1. #1 by Chip Roberts on 03-12-2018
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    A way to keep the gate out of the musician's in ears.

    I'd love to be able to NOT have the gate but keep the EQ in the musician's in ears.
  2. #2 by Tiago de Sousa on 03-27-2018
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    So you are thinking something like a Pre gate Send?
  3. #3 by Alec Spence on 03-27-2018
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    Can't be done on a single channel, given the processing order. Look at the block diagram below, the gate comes before the EQ. A typical "monitors from FOH" configuration would use the IN source for monitor bus mixes, which eliminates any dynamics/EQ/fader. Behringer aren't going to re-arrange the channel processing order!

    The best way to achieve what you want is to split the channel. Create a second channel that you will dedicate to monitor use. Set it's input to be the input for the original channel. On the second channel, set the bus send point to be, say, Post EQ. Ensure that the gate is not engaged. This gives you the added option to EQ that source differently than the first one, to suit the performer even better. If you have spare channels, this kind of splitting for monitors is quite common if you want increased control.
  4. #4 by Seth Uldall on 04-26-2018
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    Would adding and mixing the monitors with a x32core be a possible solution? Seems it should.
  5. #5 by Robert Lofgren on 04-26-2018
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    Yes, this should work. This is how the big guys do it - A separate monitor mixer.

    - Seth Uldall wrote View Post
    Would adding and mixing the monitors with a x32core be a possible solution? Seems it should.

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    Either that, or duplicating the channels, eg ch1 is Kick FOH, with certain processing that sounds good in FOH, and ch17 is Kick in monitors, with different processing that sounds good in monitors. However this essentially halves the console's channel count. The other thing is keeping ch1 and 17's eq the same if that's required: you can't "gang" them like you can on some consoles so that changes in one will automatically be reflected in the other, instead you'd have to use something like Patrick's X32_Commander app on a Windows computer.

    If that's not an option, then as Robert said, a dedicated monitor mixer, be it an X32 variant connected via AES50 or something else connected digitally via an X-Dante\X-MADI etc expansion card, or even an analogue mic split, are all options.