Digital distortion over monitors with a umc204hd

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    Digital distortion over monitors with a umc204hd

    Okay so my home studio consists of a pc with windows 10, a umc204hd interface, and a pair of yamaha hs5ís connected via trs cables. I also have a pair of headphones hooked up as well. Iíve noticed with the monitors, varying degrees of digital distortion. Sounds such as crackling, popping, and static that seems to occur in correlation to my pcís processor (for example, whenever a webpage is loading). Itís driving me crazy and i cant figure out how to fix it. I ordered a pair of balanced xlr to trs cables to hopefully resolve the issue but i wanted to see if anyone here would have a clue as to why this is occurring. Iíve made sure to plug the monitors into their own power outlet, i donít really understand the drivers or how they should be configured so that could be a possibility as well i guess. I donít receieve the distortion through my headphones and the fact that the patterns in the static roughly reflect what my pc is doing, iím inclined to believe it has something to do with the usb connection. I really have no idea but itís driving me crazy and i need help.
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    This noise you describe is fairly common with laptops but not so much stationary computers.

    If you use a laptop test by running it on its batteries. If it is a stationary computer make sure that you use properly grounded power outlets/equipment and power cords.

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