Using MIDI for harmonies

  1. #1 by Nigel Curry on 03-01-2018
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    Using MIDI for harmonies

    Hi - I have recently purchased Voicelive 3 and I would like to use it with a MIDI keyboard for generating my own harmonies. I have seen a video that explains how it is done on earlier versions of Voicelive:

    Bit I can't see how to do it in Voicelive 3, and the manual doesn't seem to offer an insight.

    Any advice or guidance would deb gratefully received.

    Many thanks.

    Nigel Curry
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 03-08-2018
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    Hey Nigel,
    Lucky for you, Craig already did a video on this What you're looking for is called "Notes Mode" in the Harmony effect. Check it out here.

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  3. #3 by Michele Banfi on 05-08-2018
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    VL3 midi notes mode

    Hi everybody,

    I own a VL3.

    One of the reasons for buying it was this fantastic
    mode called " midi notes mode".
    I thought "I will buy the best device...sure it's in there too". I can not find it on VL3, it is not even documented.

    I can do mixed mode, fixed mode,
    pedal/bass mode etc but no other mode is available.

    Has it been suppressed on VL3?

    My objective is to play my voice notes by means of the keyboard, freely.

    Thank you for any advice!...

    Best regards,
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    If you scroll to the end of the List of Harmony Styles You will see styles Like 'Harmonized Notes','4Channel Notes' etc.
    If you select one of these, you may need to change the Harmony Natural Play (NP) Source to MIDI.

    Make sure that you have the VoiceLive 3 Midi Channel set the same as your Keyboard Midi Channel.

    Please note if your not sending Midi CC/PC from your Keyboard to the VoiceLive 3, it would be best to filter these out on the VL3 so it does not re-act to some spurious CC/PC message coming from your Keyboard.

    These options are in SETUP->MIDI

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    Thank you for your prompt answer, I found our all that yesterday night by myself...

    I should have checked better by myself before asking...sorry!

    Craig's corner video about how to filter out
    The main voice (for robotic voice) was really helpful
    For using those voices without mine (for some jazzy tricks)

    Wonderful! two in the night I had to remove the plug and go to sleep!

    Thank you and bye bye