Unwanted automatic change of Harmony gender with cubase...

  1. #1 by Éric Giordana on 02-13-2018
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    Unwanted automatic change of Harmony gender with cubase...

    Hello everyone.
    Something weird is happening to me with my voicelive rack.
    I've made a MIDI track in cubase that sends CC# messages to the voicelive rack during the song to toggle harmony on and off.
    My harmony block has gender on 0 for the 4 voices.
    When I play the track from the beginning to the end, everything is fine, but if I stop playing the track and rewind or change the position of the playing cursor, when the harmonies are toggled on, the voices 1 and 4 have gender on -50!!!!.
    It's as if cubase sends a message that changes the gender of the harmony voices 1 and 4.
    If I switch preset and come back on it, gender is well saved on 0.
    What is happening here?
    Is it possible that cubase changes the gender of the harmony block by a CC# message or is it a bug of the voicelive rack?
    Thank you for your help and sorry for my english...
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 02-19-2018
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    Hey Eric,
    To me it sounds like Cubase is sending CC messages when you're performing cursor actions and the Rack is receiving and following those CC's.

    For reference, here are some relevant VoiceLive Rack CC's (from p.79 of the manual):
    Gender Voice 1, MIDI CC 29
    Gender Voice 2, MIDI CC 19
    Gender Voice 3, MIDI CC 23
    Gender Voice 4, MIDI CC 27
    64=Gender off, <64=Male, >64=Female

    I found this document outlining the default CC's for Cubase (I'm not sure what version though) and it looks like those CC's are mostly just control messages. So do you think it's possible you have Cubase set up to be outputting those CC's when you perform transport actions? Sorry I'm not familiar enough with Cubase to know where to check that, hopefully you can do some digging and disable those CC's. Good luck!

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  3. #3 by Éric Giordana on 02-20-2018
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    Hello and thank you for your answer.
    I finally found the answer.
    I made all automation with a Voicelive 3 Extreme included the guitar sound but now I'm using the Voicelive rack.
    CC#29 is a guitar MIDI message in voicelive 3 extreme but it corresponds to gender Voice 1 on Voicelive rack.
    I erased all the CC# controlling the guitar sound of the Voicelive 3 and now I have no problem with the Voicelive rack!
    Have a nice day.