Output Mode question

  1. #1 by Greg Byler on 02-12-2018
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    Output Mode question

    Hello everyone. I'm brand new to the VL3X, and I want to make sure that the issue here is my ignorance and not the machine before traveling back to Shanghai where I live.

    My XLR output mode is set to Mono and the XLR output level is set to mic level. From what the manual says, if I'm only coming out of the voice L(mono) mic output, it will be the mic, guitar, backing tracks and metronome, WITH effects. And that seems to be the case when I plug it into an amp. I hear all of that with the effects. However, when i go directly into my mac via the 1/8" jack input and record into logic pro, when I listen back it is a totally dry. No effects at all.
    Anybody have any idea why that is?

    Thank you for you time.

  2. #2 by Cecilie Kaasgaard on 02-14-2018
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    Hi Greg. Just to avoid confusion, are you using the headphone output and an AUX cable into your mac to record, and what inputs (guitarm vocal, aux) are you using?

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