Switch 6 only ever selecting the choice for number 6 regardless

  1. #1 by Mike Chesters on 02-12-2018
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    Switch 6 only ever selecting the choice for number 6 regardless

    Hi, sorry it's a newb question. What might I be doing wrong if the switch 6 only selects whatever is programmed for the number 6 switch regardless if I press pedal switches 1-5 ? They only ever seem to do what is set for number 6, such as boost or reverb or whatever else it's changed to ?
    I have followed the really great video help on you tube, but just can't seem to crack this problem ? Thanks for any help
  2. #2 by Cecilie Kaasgaard on 02-14-2018
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    Hi Mike, make sure it is set up as per the manual, and then, make sure you're using the TRS cable that came with the pedal. A "normal" guitar jack aka TS cable won't work with the pedal.

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  3. #3 by Darren Turner on 02-15-2018
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    Check in the setup menu that you have the Switch set to custom. If not, it will stay on the default settings. It took me ages to work that out :/
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