Please help! Where do I start?

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    Please help! Where do I start?

    I just bought VL3X - I'm a solo performer, brand new to this technology. I don't want to start loading backing tracks and changing presets only to find that I should of approached it a better way. I've searched for a starting point and I become overwhelmed with details I should know - but don't. It's as if I'm joining the class in the middle of it instead of the beginning. Is there a YouTube video that I should see? A thread that I could follow? Again, It's just going to be me, my guitar, some backing tracks and my VL3X. Thanks for any help!
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    Greetings Joe,
    Sometimes replies are slow, but want to welcome you to the forums. I too am a solo performer and upgraded from Voicelive Play GTX to the Voicelive 3 Extreme. There is one heck of a learning and experimenting curve, but it's well worth the time. You will want to know the details such as setting volume, moving, copying....these are all covered in the tutorials. I kept a notepad and wrote down the steps along with the tutorials. There are several good tutorials about backing tracks and the automation along with other tutorials on YouTube. Just type in Voicelive 3 Extreme Backing Tracks and you'll see the "Tom & Craig" tutorial. It is what I used and it's well worth taking the time with.
    At first it does seem overwhelming to know you can get so much out of it and not know how, but if you will learn how to just copy a preset and then experiment with the copied version, you can't go wrong and will learn a lot just playing with it. I wish you as much success as I've had and feel free to ask if you run into something you can't find on youtube or in the manuals.
    Not sure if the link to youtube will post here, but will give it a shot. Enjoy your 3 Extreme! Tom
    Here's the link:
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    Hi Joe!
    Yes, there are a whole bunch of youtube manuals you can follow along! If you go to the helicon youtube channel, they have playlists sorted for you. Remember, anything the VL3 can do, the Vl3X can do too, so don't forget to check both playlists as some basics might not be mentined in the VL3 vids.

    And with that being said, and it sounds cliche, but...

    read the manual!! And then spend a day or two getting to know your new friend

    Cecilie Kaasgaard
    No longer work in support but I still know a bit about all this stuff!

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    Thanks for the direction!

    Great advice!
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    Me Too. . .

    Hi Joe, I'm not going to be any help to you, but perhaps other users can be a help to me.

    I am completely new to the VL3x, as I have just purchased one and haven't received it yet. I am not new to TC Helicon products as I sold them for a long time and personally feel that they offer the best vocal processing in the business.

    When I decided that I needed a vocal processor to do some solo live acoustic gigs, I naturally turned to TC Helicon. I figured that I would buy one of the mic stand units that I had sold so many in of in the past, but after a bit of research, I first thought that the acoustic play and then the vl3x would be best for me. It was the "while I'm at it" syndrome.

    What I find is that I have an incredibly powerful tool in route to me, but I am concerned that I am not really equipped to take full advantage of it.

    When I perform live I already do some looping and I typically use my acoustic and vocals. I also have an ipad and run "onsong"

    By poking around on the forum, I have found that this one tool will replace the looper that I am using and also that it can talk to my ipad via midi. This is very exciting stuff. But I already have some questions and I am quite sure that I will have more.

    1. Since it seems that you cannot use a backing track and the looper at the same time, would it be better to do sequencing that involves looping from the ipad?

    2. Poking around, on the forum and the "interwebs" it seem that setlist maker offers much better integration with the vl3x than does onsong. Am I correct, and are there any suggestions for better implementation of either of these tools?

    3. Is there another forum that is particularly helpful for users of this product, and particularly is there a place where performances have been archived?

    4. For advanced users, if you were starting out today, what would you most want someone to tell you about this product?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.