X32 Mono System With Active Mains and Subs

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    X32 Mono System With Active Mains and Subs

    Hello All,

    I am new to the forum, and am an musician/sound engineer for a new church that my wife and I just joined. I have inherited a whole pile of issues and was hoping you all could send me in the right direction. Ill start off with equipment and go from there.

    Behringer X32 Mixer
    Snake ran from FOH to stage
    (3) Yorkville Active Speakers
    (2) Yorkville Active Subs
    (6) EV Active ZLX12P Monitors

    The current PA configuration is the left main Out is sent to the (3) powered mains which are the daisy chained and mounted together at stage center to the ceiling angled down. The right main Out is sent to the powered subwoofer stage right which is then connected to ththe stage left subwoofer.

    The powered monitors are out from bus 1-6. No issues here.

    My question is with the current speaker positioning what is the best alternative to the current configuration?
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    If you want to run aux-fed
    LR crunched to a mono matrix (post fader at unity,) mtx assigned to a physical output, that output routed to your tops.
    You don't have to use a matrix if you ensure you pan everything centre\to one side (but you need to make sure you do it, otherwise you'll only get half of any stereo content, eg fx returns. The mtx means you don't have to remember.
    M\C bus used for subs, routed to another output that output feeds your subs.
    M\C depends on mainLR enabled so that the LR fader controls the whole PA.

    If you want to run full range, crunch LR to a mono matrix, route that matrix to 2x outputs, one of which feeds the tops, the other feeds the subs, and hope that the sperakers' own processing works well in terms of XO. You could use 2x mtxs instead and eq each one separately for subs and tops if you needed more control. The ideal would be some downstream speaker management though.

    Oh, and if you can, mono-cluster the subs in either the centre of the stage or off to the same side of the room (but not 1-4m from the walls: boundary cancellation.) You'll get much more even LF coverage (no power alley.)