About to buy my first sub and am torn between the B1200D-PRO and the B1500D-PRO

  1. #1 by Theo Whitley on 02-11-2018
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    About to buy my first sub and am torn between the B1200D-PRO and the B1500D-PRO

    Howdy, my application is studio space, small venues, and jamming in the park. Not trying to get more than I need, smaller and lighter the better. That said, I live-loop, use drum machines and love my low end.

    I will be pairing it with (2) of the 60 watt battery powered MPA40BT-Pro. plus my Behringer Eurolive F1320D.

    So at this point with my budget and needs im between the 12 & 15inch model eurlive subs. they are both active 500 watt with the same features.

    Obviously the 15inch will provide more bass, does it provide so much more than it will justify its 80lb weight over the 12inch 40lb? Will the 15 out compete my smaller mains?

    Thans for your help, much love

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    If possible, go audition each sub at one or more local music stores and see what you think. If that's not possible, realize it's a trade-off and choose your priorities. If your top priority is small and light, I'd say go for the 12" sub with the realization that it may not put out as much bass (and won't be as loud) as the 15". But if the extra output is your top priority, go for the 15" with the realization that it's going to cost you in terms of some added weight and size.

    I was in a similar situation about a year ago deciding between 15" and 18" subs for my band PA. I ultimately decided that I wanted to keep the size and weight to a minimum (and I usually don't play real bass-heavy music), so I chose the 15" subs.

    BTW, I wouldn't worry about the 15" overpowering your tops. You can always turn it down, if needed. But you can only turn one up so far before it runs out of gas or starts clipping.

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    Thanks Jon, I appreciate the response. I don't have the opportunity to audition unfortunately. Wish I did. Im curious as to what the qualities of bass might be like. Punchy, rumbly, etc. Im looking for that middle ground between rock and hip hop.