Voice live play

  1. #1 by Mike Callahan on 02-11-2018
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    Voice live play

    using a voice live play. My question is , working with 2 singers, they won't step on the harmonizer switch. So we are using 3 microphones right next to each other(very close) . Using on mic for the Voice Live and leaving on all the time(with the harmony machine on) the other 2 mic's are live all the time as well. Having fits with mixing the sound, getting feedback, clipping on the meters, I can run my keyboards with out the mics through the P.A. and get twice as much out of it with no clipping. Any idea on ways to set up ? My thought is the mics are to close

    Thank You
  2. #2 by Dave C on 04-16-2018
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    Im not an expert, but I wonder if having a noise gate on the mics to prevent anything going through them when the singers arent singing directly into them?

    Also, would they be willing to use MP-75 mics and press the button on the mic instead of stepping on the foot switch?

    Just some thoughts...