link VLT with Perform-VE, using the one mic

  1. #1 by Chris Blades on 02-11-2018
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    link VLT with Perform-VE, using the one mic

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping to buy the Perform-VE unit very soon, and I was wondering, because I still want to use my Voicelive touch, would I be able to link the two, not necessarily for them to work together. Heres an example of what I want to do... I have my mic, connect it to my VLT XLR input then from my VLT XLR output to Perform-VE XLR input then jack outputs to my desk. I want to use the one mic (line) and be able to bypass what ever unit i'm not using. Is this possible? would I have a clean signal? Thanks.. any help about this would be great... cheers.
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 02-19-2018
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    Hey Chris,
    Yeah I think technically this should be possible. Have you tried it out yet? Keep in mind that the Tone function is the same in both devices, so you'll only want it on (if at all) on the first device in your chain - in this case just your Touch and turn it off in VE (by holding "Set" and pressing "1" until you see red). Getting a clean signal should be easy since both units have a bypass of sorts - Touch has its Talk button (which leaves Tone on btw) and VE has its "Hold Tap to bypass" deal. Good luck

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  3. #3 by Cecilie Kaasgaard on 02-20-2018
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    Hi Chris! I have a similar setup, though I went with a mic for each unit, but I'm running the main output of the VE into the instrument input of the VLT2 (oh if only it had two parallel main inputs...). This way I can use them both in sync with each other and swap during songs, but I can also use them separately. Only minus is I can't bypass the VLT2 with talk if I wanna use the VE as that takes off the instrument input (and thus no output from the VE), however I have a blank preset set up to switch to in those cases. My favourite part is that I can utilize the VLT2s looper with both units, and that they sound so super different I can make these really cool almost duets with myself switching mics! And another bonus being the fact that basically all I need at gigs, despite my spaghetti looking mess of wires, is a power outlet and a single XLR output to the desk

    So anyway I don't have a lot of advice other than it definitely should be possible to do what you want to do, listen to Spencer (he's a clever cookie) and give it a shot, you're not likely to break anything by trying

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  4. #4 by Chris Blades on 02-23-2018
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    Thanks Guys for getting back to me... Good to know there wont be any real complications with this setup and the two mic setup sounds like something I could try as well... going to order my new toy on Monday along with the new vortex alesis keytar... Fun times ahead!! Thanks again!!