PlayAcoustic and iPad

  1. #1 by Jim Talbert on 02-10-2018
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    PlayAcoustic and iPad

    Can I connect my PlayAcoustic to my iPad with a USB to lightning connector and record right into GarageBand for iPad?
  2. #2 by David Vachell on 02-11-2018
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    Play Acoustic and iPad

    I find that the P-A and iPad works really well together. I use AUM (for mixing) or Auria Pro (for recording). I run the P-A USB into a USB hub and also connect an Akai LPK25 keyboard and LPD8 drum pad. then the hub connects to the iPad with the CCK.

    I have Beathawk running as an AU in 4 channels in AUM so that gives me Pads, Keys, Bass and strings and I also use Drumjam into one channel with the P-A on 2 more channels.

    I can either record into Auria direct from this mix or do a more conventional multi-track overdub.

    When live, I have a Boss RC-3 loop pedal between the Play Acoustic and the PA which allows me to set up some layering.

    Hope this helps

  3. #3 by Jim Talbert on 02-12-2018
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    Thanks for responding, but I don't understand much of what you said. I just want to go direct from my PA into my iPad and record using Garageband. Can that be done? I mean, I have a mini-USB to Lightning cable, but I hesitate to just plug it in and experiment.