Xenyx 1204USB laptop to tape set up?

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    Xenyx 1204USB laptop to tape set up?

    Hi Guys!
    My first post here and hope you can help me. I am trying work out a simple set up but am doing something wrong.

    I like to make music on my laptop and then mix it to cassette tape. Then I send it back to my laptop to get the tape sound.

    (So set up is laptop (audacity) though USB to mixer then to tape machine and back.)

    So I thought this should be a simple set up and assumed I could use the RCA Plugs (in-put/out-put) to got to tape and back. But can't get any signal there.

    I have no problems with getting audio out of my laptop. It is just sending it to tape machine and back. I don't know how to set that up.

    Sorry for being such a NEWBY !!